About us

About Us

ADVSR.ch is the technology arm for Virobel Wealth. A Regulated Wealth Management firm based in St Gallen, Switzerland. We are open to teaming up with investment advisors worldwide who want to make our services available to their clients. With a view of the challenging regulatory environment in Switzerland most particular the FinSA and FinIA that will be entered into force in 2020 onwards. ADVSR also welcomes other External Asset Managers to join forces so their clients can continue to enjoy independent financial services from ADVSR’s platform. Rather than building their own operations from scratch, you may use the expertise and infrastructure developed by us.


Your Key To Independence

ADVSR allows Private Bankers to work more efficiently and focus on their client relationships.

How Does It Work?

You can focus on your investment and functional responsibilities, both of which are clearly delineated, and report to the Management Board. A strong business administration team is in place to perform your compliance, operations and administration, allowing you to focus on financial markets while paying particular attention to your client needs. The remuneration policy is directly linked to each Wealth Managers business revenues and takes no bearing on the results of the company as a whole.


Financial Institutions

Having exposure to major banks’ platform and offering value-adds the services that you are able to provide your clients with.

Back Office & Administration

From opening client relationship to general client administration support, we have a dedicated team of professionals to service you.


ADVSR ensures that your business meets regulatory requirements and we conduct monthly and quarterly monitoring with updated regulations .

Full Overview

Having a bird’s eye view of the portfolio, including aggregate holdings, risk management, and correlations across holdings, you will be better able to advise your clients.


On top of materials from Private Banks, you will receive active, independent research from our team.


We may offer Succession services to advisors & their teams throughout the lifetime of their partnership with us.

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We can help you get established.

ADVSR Platform For You

ADVSR is the technology arm for Virobel Wealth. A Regulated Wealth Management.